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Written by Bob   

The ideas and benefits behind a shield are multiple.  It allows for a modular setup and the ability to change parts out quickly if the need or desire arises in a clean, organized fashion.  Bob's Shields have mounting holes that are the multirotor industry standard 45mm x 45mm arrangement for the utmost in compatibility with as many frames as possible.  Bob's Shields allow for power distribution to the MCU and IMU of your choice as well as the RX and are extremely well laid out and clearly labeled giving you as simple of a setup that can be had for a MultiWii setup.

And yes, for every item I sell that relates to the MultiWii Project, a donation is made to Alexandre Dubus (Alexinparis on RCGroups.com). 

Bob's Super Simple Shield  >> 

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 12:58