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Written by Bob   

This BOB (Break Out Board) features the Bosch BMP180 Barometer and is made to be mounted to the extra set of headers on the upper left side of the Super Simple Shield.  It is meant to be mounted facing down as to not let the ambient light affect the sensor readings.  The BMP180 is the replacement to the older Bosch BMP085 that has been used for quite some time.  This is listed by Bosch as a drop in replacement so your code that worked for the BMP085 will be fine with the BMP180.

Like the other Bob's Quads BOBs, this BOB has an on-board 5v->3V3 LDO regulator, 2K2Ω pull-up resistors and a low power (~2mA) LED indicating 3V3 power is getting through the board.

For the time being, I have just set the BMP180 up as the BMP085.  

Sensor Selection:

//if you use independent sensors
//leave it commented it you already checked a specific board above

/* I2C barometer */
#define BMP085
//#define MS561101BA


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