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Written by Bob   

bobs-quads-6dom-rev-1-0          bobs-quads-9dom-rev-1-0-1          

You can only expect so much out of your Multir. Archived the recipe for the MCU/IMU combination.  I only offer boards that I have personally flown and have had tested by others and received excellent reports back from multiple pilots.

The sensor boards made by Bob's Quads are made in the USA using American made PCBs.  Each Sensor Board is tested both electrically and under microscope examination to verify everything works exactly as expected before leaving my hands.  The connection scheme is setup to mate easiest with a Bob's Super Simple Shield.  The sensor boards have an on-board 5V->3V3 LDO regulator along with I2C pull-up resistors and a low power (~2mA) LED to verify 3V3 is getting through the board.  Sensor address selection has been taking care of via the solder switches/jumpers and are setup for the MultiWii code.

Quality components are used throughout the build process - 1% resistors and 5-10% capacitors, X7R when using ceramic, and only using tantalum when completely necessary, all with appropriate voltage capacities.

As you can see on RCGroups, I go by bob4432 and have been an active member of the Multirotor community for some time and my board designs are aimed towards the needs of the this community.  I am not some place making sensor boards hitting this community with no support just to make some quick money.  I support Alexandre Dubus, (Alexinparis on RCGroups - MultiWii Project Main Man) through donations from the products I design and sell.

Bob's 3DOF - Archived

Bob's 6DOF - Archived

Bob's 9DOF - Archived

Bob's Baro - BMP180 (Bosch BMP180 - Update to the Bosch BMP085)  >>  Archived

Bob's Baro - MS5611-01BA03 Baro  >>  Archived

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