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Written by Bob   

ms5611-01ba03The elusive Measurement Specialties MS5611-01BA03 (Steel Cap) version of their very accurate and highly sought after barometer.  I have read around and still to this day people are opting for the MS5611-01BA01 (Plastic Cap) version because they cannot find the steel cap version.  The only difference, according to the datasheets is the cap, but those who have used each claim that the steel cap version is not as sensitive to light.  I cannot confirm or deny this as I have always had access to the MS5611-01BA03 (Steel Cap) version.

I would have thought by now that the MS5611-01BA01 (Plastic Cap) version would have dried up as it has been EOL'd by Measurement Specialties at least a year ago.  For those still having issue finding the elusive MS5611-01BA03, it has been carried by ServoFlo.com for quite some time and most recently CDIWeb.com.  I have done business with both of these companies over the years and both are good to deal with.  You will have to call ServoFlo.com to get a price as it is not listed on their site, but other than that and dependant on the price, both companies have done right with me, I would use either today.

You will no longer have to resort to Ebay sellers charging higher prices than the steel cap version, only to get the plastic cap, EOL'd version of this excellent sensor.


Last Updated on Friday, 02 August 2013 10:03