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Written by Bob   

Welcome and thanks for checking out Bob's Quads, home of Bob's Super Simple Shield aimed towards the Multiwii Project, among many other things.

 My design approach is the K.I.S.S. concept, keeping the designs lean and what really is needed for the desired output.  Many times having all the 'bells and whistles' is nice, but can be a bit overwhelming to people new to the Multirotor scene or even overwhelming to those that have a background in Electronics and have been in the Multirotor scene for quite some time, so I try to minimize this.  People that have used my products have found that keeping a lean, easy to setup design works best for them as many of the 'bells and whistles' novelty additions quickly wear off.

You will also see that my designs usually have a fast revision rate.  I feel a lean and agile manufacturing philosophy works best for the way I work and think.  Do not be alarmed if your design revision on a product you have is not the newest revision as any design that makes it out to the world works exceptionally well and has passed my strict, high standards for a design.  Being that I do follow the lean and agile philosophies, I take in every bit of feedback I get from consumers and product testers, evaluate and where possible implement them quickly so the design evolves very fast and the value of the product continues to grow for the end user.  Being that my designs are used around the world, the need for excellent, efficient designs are essential for all those involved and for you, the end user, to select my design/product over the others.  I take your purchase of one of my designs/products as a serious gesture and appreciation for what I have created and my goal is to make you proud and happy of your decision, and again, minimize your time building and get you out flying quickly.

The site will be growing as I bring in other articles and how to's that I have done in the past, making this the ONE stop for Bob's Quads information and will be updated first and will always have the most up-to-date information available on what Bob is up to.

Again, I thank you for dropping by,


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